Best Motorcycle Pants

Motorcycles offer a cheaper alternative to four-wheelers. However, motorcycle-riding exposes you to more road rash. Different gears such as the best motorcycle pants can protect your hips and thighs from rash, at the same time, ensure a comfortable ride.

Motorcycle pants should have high resistance against wind, water, fire and abrasion. Motorcycle-riding tends to expose you to those four. It should also be breathable to ensure optimum comfort.

Motorcycle Pants Reviews

Frogg Toggs Bull Frogg Rain Pants 

Bull Frogg Rain Pants are lightweight and durable. These waterproof pants will let you stay dry under the rain. They are big enough to let you wear extra pants beneath them.

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Pilot Men’s Omni Air Mesh Motorcycle

Pilot Men’s Omni Air Mesh Motorcycle Over Pants pants feature a removable waterproof lining that is handy during rainy days. Because they are made of soft materials, these pants are also comfortable to wear.

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Scorpion Exo Covert Jeans

Scorpion Exo Covert Jeans, by Scorpion, are a stylish pair of motorcycle pants. They have an abrasion resistant lining from waist to knee that provides protection. They are a bit heavy but they can still provide comfort.

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Bohn Bodyguard Adventure Armored Pant

Bohn Bodyguard Adventure Armored Pant is a product of Bohn Body Armor. This pant offers protection for most parts of the lower extremities. They are made with a fabric that is stretchable, breathable, and comfortable.

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Klim 4053-000-038-000 Badlands Pants

These motorcycle pants by Klim are sturdy and fashionable. These pants are not just stylish; they also offer protection. These waterproof pants can be used in both warm and cold weather conditions.

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Viking Cycle Saxon Motorcycle Pants

VikingCycle’s Saxon Motorcycle Pants offers a protection that is especially handy during nighttime. These waterproof pants have reflective panels that will make you more visible during your night rides. With these pants, you can also stay warm in cold days.

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Joe Rocket Ballistic 7.0 Men’s Textile Motorcycle Pants

Joe Rocket’s Ballistic 7.0 Men’s Textile Motorcycle Pants are durable. They have a removable waterproof liner that can be used on rainy days. These pants may look cheap sometimes but they do fit really well.

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O’Neal Element Shocker Pants

O’Neal Element Shocker Pants are made up of elastic materials that allow greater range of movement. They are lightweight but can still provide protection. These pants are comfortable to wear too.

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Juicy Trends Men’s Textile Trouser

These quality pants from Juicy Trends have solid construction. They have removable armors for the knee. They also are made of polyester fabric that brings comfort. With their detachable quilt lining, they can also be used on both hot and cold seasons.

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Motorcycle Textile Waterproof Riding Pants 

These pants by Xtreemgear are well-made pants and can resist abrasions and normal tears. They have adjustable features that can tailor the fit. These durable pants also look cool and stylish.

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Buying Guide to the Best Motorcycle Pants

Types of Motorcycle Pants

Leather: This material provides the ultimate protection to bikers. It is a tough material that can protect the rider from the elements and in case of accidents.

Leather motorcycle pants are water-resistant, fire resistant, abrasion resistant, windproof, long-lasting (compared to other materials) and cost effective. They might be a bit more expensive, but the benefits outweigh the costs.

Denim: This is another tough material that provides protection with style and comfort. It is commonly made with Kevlar or leather for added protection. They are cheaper than leather, stylish, available in more colors and design to suit individual tastes, comfortable, quick-drying, and versatile.

Textile: These are made with woven flexible materials from synthetic fibers, minerals, plants or animal products. Textile motorcycle pants are available in varying durability, colors and strengths.

These are typically worn over the rider’s clothes, adding a layer of protection. Some even have mesh paneling and liners, along with added waterproofing and breathability.

What to look for in motorcycle pants (Basic features of material)

Tear resistant: There is a high possibility of a slide or snagging whenever you ride a motorcycle. Your pants should be able to keep intact and provide coverage and protection at all times.

Abrasion resistant: Along with tear resistance, your pants should be able to remain intact as it comes in contact with the ground in a slide or when you topple.

A good indicator is its Taber rating. The test subjects the pants material to grinding with rubber emery wheels to gauge how well the material stands up to abrasion.

Of all materials, leather has the highest Taber rating. Kevlar performs better in abrasion test if it is blended with other materials. Denim does not do well in this test.

Stitching: Even the toughest material won’t stand up to the rigors of simple riding if the stitching is of very poor quality. It must be as strong as the material.

Fit: Proper fit is essential. Take measurements again and use inseam size and true waist size to get the right fit. This ensures comfort as well as safety when riding.

Additional features to look for in motorcycle pants

Waist design: Choices include Velcro, suspenders or belt. Velcro and belt are common though some prefer suspenders because it does not bunch up uncomfortably around the waist.

Cuff closures: Check if the bottom of pants legs fit over or inside the motorcycle boots. These should stay secure in this position even at high speeds.

Zippers: These should be tough as well. Flaps should be over each zipper (on the fly, sides of the legs) in order to keep water and wind out.

Knee sliders: These are most recommended for hard riders who drive their knee into the track or road when cornering deep. Knee sliders will protect the knee area from wearing through.

Insulation and lining: Removable cold-weather lining are available, which are convenient features for those who are multi-season riders. for every rider, these should be at least 1 smooth basic lining.

Back protection: Supplement the cold-weather protection from your motorcycle jacket by having a high back on your motorcycle pants. This protects the back from cold as you lean forward when you ride.

How to choose the right motorcycle pants based on riding style

Aside from choosing the material and additional features, you also have to consider your riding style when you choose the type of motorcycle pants for you.

Each of the following types are equipped with the needed features that will provide just the right amount of protection and comfort for the rigors of each riding style.

Racing/Street Motorcycle Pants: These are ideal for those who ride fast and aggressively on the track or road. These afford the highest level of protection against the elements, tear, and abrasion.

Touring Motorcycle Pants: These are ideal for riders who spend long hours on the motorcycle in all types of weather and seasons. These provide all-day versatility and comfort to match changing conditions.

Cruiser Motorcycle Pants: These pants provide the protection, comfort and style for most types of riders. These are especially suited for laid-back kind of rides.

Dirt Riding Motorcycle Pants: The pants are designed to provide protection while allowing unrestricted movement. These often have pre-curved legs to support the forward-leaning riding position.