Best Motorcycle Jacket

Wearing the best motorcycle jacket is necessary when riding a motorcycle, whether it’s for daily commute or weekend getaways. It is even more essential when racing. It is for your torso’s protection against abrasion and wind.

A motorcycle jacket should be made from abrasion-resistant materials such as leather. Jackets that are 1.2 to 1.4 millimeters thick are ideal. While most offers are black, it’s worth looking for something that is highly visible.

Motorcycle Jacket Reviews

For Men

VikingCycle Ironborn Motorcycle Textile Jacket

The Ironborn Motorcycle Textile Jacket by VikingCycle is waterproof. Its six-point SureFit feature allows custom adjustment. The full-sleeve liner is insulated and removable. It also has elbow and shoulder armor.

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Joe Rocket Atomic 4.0 Men’s Riding Jacket

The Atomic 4.0 Men’s Riding Jacket by Joe Rocket can offer riders protection with its externally accessible armor. Its in-built ventilation system offers wind tunnel cooling. The full sleeve liner is insulated and removable.

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Pilot Motosport Men’s Slate Air Jacket

The Men’s Slate Air Jacket by Pilot Motosport has a neoprene collar to prevent neck discomfort. Its CE-approved armor in the shoulders and elbow disperses and absorbs impact. The 3M strips allow the wearer to be visible at night.

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Milwaukee Leather Men’s Classic Motorcycle Jacket

The Men’s Classic Motorcycle Jacket by Milwaukee Leather has a half belt for adjustment and a side lace detail. Made of cowhide, the jacket has a thermal liner. This jacket is for men seeking the classic biker look.

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Nomad USA Classic Biker Jacket

The Classic Biker Jacket by Nomad USA is made of milled leather with a classic biker design. It features internal dual pockets and rust-proof buttons. The cuffs are adjustable and zippered.

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For Women

VikingCycle Cruise Motorcycle Jacket for Women

The Cruise Motorcycle Jacket for Women by VikingCycle features dual-zippered outer pockets. It’s made of durable, premium quality, and soft cowhide leather. The front seams have a braided design.

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Cortech Women’s LRX 3.0 Jacket

The Women’s LRX 3.0 Jacket by Cortech has a Mandarin-style collar with a microfiber trim. Its reflective rear triangle and the 360 Phoslite reflective piping increase visibility at night. The main zipper closure makes the jacket more waterproof.

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First Manufacturing Women’s Hourglass Motorcycle Jacket

The Women’s Hourglass Motorcycle Jacket by First Manufacturing is made from milled soft cowhide. The elastic waist can give the wearer an hourglass shape. The back features a rivet detail and braiding.

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Xelement CF-462 Women’s Black and Pink Tri-Tex Fabric Motorcycle Jacket

The Women’s Black and Pink Tri-Tex Fabric Motorcycle Jacket by Xelement has gun pockets, both on the outside and the inside. It has an elastic siding. Its collarless design can be closed at a button’s snap.

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Luna Flower Women’s Winter Faux Fur Leather Zip Up Bomber Jacket

The Women’s Winter Faux Fur Leather Zip Up Bomber Jacket by Luna Flower is made from 100% polyurethane, and features faux fur. To clean, just wipe using a damp cloth and soap. It features a zipper closure.

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Types of Motorcycle Jacket

The classic type is the most common type of motorcycle jacket. It offers little protection and often weighs heavy than other types. It is the most fashionable type and is heavily ornamented.

Race type jackets offer riders’ high protection because of its armor pads and thick fabrics. It is very aerodynamic and can reflect heat well. It is usually made of leather and is form fitting.

Rain type jackets are made from waterproof and lightweight material. This type is best for off road riding and offers great protection from rainy weather.

Touring jackets are made for the riders’ comfort. It is very versatile and allows for ease of movement. It has many pockets and has a looser fit. This type offers a varied level of protection.

Sport type jackets are similar to the race type jackets. This offers the same protection but without its aerodynamic features. It is also looser in fit and adorned with graphics.

Motorcycle jackets are made from different materials. Denim is durable, breathable and does insulate well. Leather is durable, breathable and offers a sleek look. Textile is usually made from nylon and polyester, lightweight and is excellent for summer.

How to Choose A Motorcycle Jacket

Protection is the first thing to consider when buying a motorcycle jacket. It should have inseam protectors that is CE approved. It should also have an airbag system.

Protective armor pads should be located in the elbows, shoulders, chests and the back. The inserts should stay relatively in place and should not move much. Armors should also not restrict movement or comfort.

The jacket should fit the rider comfortably. This is important so that the armors could line the body correctly. It should also be comfortable to use.

Choose what kind of material do you want to have in your jacket. Leather, textile or denim jackets offer different advantages and varying levels of protection.

The best motorcycle jacket should not only be made from top quality material but should also be well made. Leather made jackets should have few seams and these should be located inside to prevent abrasion.

The zipper should be made from either plastic or metal. It should be easy to open and quick to close. A piece of cloth or a flap should cover or protect the zipper from harsh elements.

Leather Jacket Cleaning Tips

First, choose the leather cleaner that is best suited to your type of leather jacket. Using overly harsh and inappropriate cleaner will further damage the leather.

Apply your preferred leather cleaner to a wet rag and then apply it to the leather in a circular motion. Make sure that you apply the leather cleaner evenly.

With a fresh cloth, wipe off the cleaner from your jacket with some water. Make sure not to make the rag too wet and to remove all the cleaner properly.

If you accidentally made the jacket too wet, you could try to remove the excess water by using a sponge. Let the sponge absorb the water.

Apply leather conditioner to the jacket when it is nearly dry. This would prevent the leather from cracking and drying. This would also help the leather to stay soft and supple.

Allow the leather to air dry. To keep its form and shape, hang it on a padded hanger and keep it away from heat sources.  Store it in a cool place.

Frequently Asked Questions about Motorcycle Jackets

Should I really have to wear motorcycle jackets? Yes. Motorcycle jackets are important because it protects you from abrasion, physical injuries and harsh weather conditions.

How do I measure myself for a motorcycle jacket? Firstly, you have to wear clothes that you would normally wear when riding. Then, measure around your chest and belly. Measure your arm length from your shoulder to your wrist.

Can I use fake leather for my motorcycle jacket? Real leather is the better choice. Just make sure to bring a waterproof poncho to wear over your leather jacket when it’s raining.

What are the advantages of PVC motorcycle jackets? PVC jackets are preferred by others because it is lightweight but it offers very little protection. PVC jackets are not as durable as leather and is more prone to tearing.

Which motorcycle jackets are the best? Regardless of material, brightly colored motorcycle jackets are the best. They make you visible even from a long distance.

Which motorcycle jacket is best for summer? The best motorcycle jacket for summer is those made from lightweight and breathable materials. You can find one that is made of mesh.