Best Motorcycle Horn

With the best motorcycle horn, you can give signal to everyone in the area. In a way, motorcycle horns help protect you against collision with other drivers and hitting pedestrians.

A good motorcycle horn should be loud enough to be heard within a 50-meter radius or greater. Nonetheless, it shouldn’t be as loud as the horns for larger vehicles. A motorcycle horn should also be vibration-proof.

Motorcycle Horn Reviews

FIAMM 72112 Freeway Blaster Horn

The Fiam 72112 Freeway Blaster Horn is a sturdy horn with a loud, low tone that will easily be heard in noisy traffic or high speed conditions. It has corrosion-resistant steel housing.

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HELLA 003399801 Supertone 12V High Tone/Low Tone Twin Horn Kit with Bracket

The HELLA Supertone Twin Horn Kit gives you a high-tone horn, a low-tone horn, a 12V relay, and two mounting brackets. It has everything you need to install the small, black horns, which feature a striking red protective grill.

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Wolo (419) Bad Boy Air Horn – 12 Volt

The Wolo (419) Bad Boy Air Horn is a suitable upgrade for your motorcycle. It has a powerful dual tone sound that is twice as loud as typical horns. Its patented one-piece design makes it easy to mount and use.

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Stebel 11690019 – Nautilus Compact Mini Air Horn

The Stebel Nautilus is a small, sturdy, and water-resistant horn. Despite its small size, it has a loud, harmonized twin tone sound. It easily attaches to any 12-volt system.

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Uxcell Universal Waterproof Round Loud Horn Speaker 12V 1.5A for Motorcycle

The Uxcell horn speaker is compact and waterproof. It gives you a loud pitch akin to a car horn without needing overly complicated wiring or special tools to install.

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Fiamm Electromagnetic Horn

The Fiamm Electromagnetic Horn is complicate with motorcycles, cars, and even trucks. It has strong steel housing and a plastic trumpet. It comes with a universal mount and can be used dually or singly. 

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PIAA 85115 Superior Bass Horn

The PIAA 85115 Superior Bass Horn is suitable for people who want a horn with a deep, loud tone. It is 112 decibels and the twin tones are 330 Hertz and 400 Hertz.

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Wolo (300-2T) Disc Horn

The Wolo 300-2T Disc Horn is a suitable replacement for your motorcycle or car horn. You have a choice of high tone or low tone. It comes with a sturdy mounting bracket, hardware, and electric terminals to secure it.

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Viking Horns V613B Loud 139 Decibels Compact Air Horn

The Viking Horns V613B is a durable plastic horn with dual trumpets. It is weather- and water-resistant and does not require extra equipment or materials to install.

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Bikers Choice 12V 113DB Electric Horn 4″ Chrome 76476 490420

The Biker’s Choice Electric Horn is a simple and aesthetically pleasing replacement for your motorcycle horn. It has a polished chrome-plated finish. It can be mounted to the top motor mount or used with a custom mount.

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Types of Motorcycle Horns

Air horns – These can be really loud, reaching up to 136 dB, one of the loudest among motorcycle horn types. These usually come in easy-to-install single piece structure.

These are usually more compact than other motorcycle horn types. Extra relays, connectors and wirings are usually unnecessary. They use compressed air to deliver sound.

Train horns – These horns have more character. They sound like a freight train horn and provide the motorcycle with a greater presence on the road.

The horn itself is small, but you can hear the honk it delivers even from a good distance. It comes with a mini pump and without the usual frills of traditional train horns.

Novelty horns – These horns have some funky sounds that you can customize based on your own preference. This is a good choice for those who do not want the usual honks.

Sound choices vary as you can customize them based on your taste. Some of the most common horn sounds are wolf whistles, bull horns, short musical tunes and various types of screams.

Features to Look for in a Motorcycle Horn

Volume –ice for those who do not want the usual honkss can be heard from a good distance.  This is the most important feature to consider. It should be loud enough that you can hear it from a distance, but it should not also be damaging to the ears.

Check whether the dB (decibels) is still within the safe limits. Ideally, it should not exceed 125 dB. More than that and it will be painful to the ears and may cause damage.

Tone – Whether it’s a melodious sound, a car horn’s sound or any sound you want, the tone should not be too high nor too low. Aim for something between 450 and 700 Hz.

Weight – The motorcycle horn should be heavy enough so that it won’t easily be blown away. It should also be light enough so that it won’t weigh the mounting spot down.

Size – Your motorcycle is much smaller than other automobiles. You don’t need too much space for additional installations such as an after-market horn.

Choose a compact motorcycle horn with minimal wirings and connectors. You may have to compromise some usual bells and whistles of automobile horns to compensate for the smaller size.

Advantages of a Motorcycle Horn

You may install an after-market motorcycle horn to improve your stock “meep meep” honk. There are a lot to choose from. These horns generally do not cost a lot.

Most of the factory-installed (stock) motorcycle horns are wimpy. The “meep meep” is just too soft and short to really make an impact or get proper attention.

The standard motorcycle honk are barely heard, especially over the din of traffic. This can be quite a concern. Pedestrians and other motorists may not hear it and mishaps are likely to happen.

Greater presence on the road – This is the main reason why people opt to install a motorcycle horn. It greatly helps in becoming more noticeable on the road.

After market motorcycle horns come in various sounds types and loudness. These are more advantageous, especially in announcing the motorcycle’s presence on the road for greater safety.

After market motorcycle horns also have various choices – from car or train honks to lively and inventive tones. These can further personalize the riding experience.

How to Install a Motorcycle Horn

Look for a place to mount the horn – Choose a place where you can securely mount it. It should be away from moving parts.

Mount the switch – You may choose any spot on the motorcycle. One good mounting point is the reflector. You may secure it using the reflector’s screw.

Place the power source – Check what the horn’s power source is based on the manufacturer. Air horns typically do not need one. Train’ car or novelty horns usually need some power source, like the motorcycle batteries or simple AA batteries.

Run the wiring – Use a metric open-ended wrench to disconnect the motorcycle battery’s negative terminal. Locate the positive horn connection within the motorcycle wiring harness.

Attach the horn’s red wire to the positive horn connection. Secure the connection. Attach the horn’s ground wire (green or black wire) to the ground connection of the wiring harness.

Test the horn – Check all connections. The horn itself should not touch anything aside from the mounting point. It won’t work properly if any part is touching the frame.