Best Motorcycle Headphones

Nowadays, you can listen to music while cruising with your motorcycle. This is made possible by accessories such as motorcycle headphones. The best motorcycle headphones allow you to minimize the engine noise you can hear.

Motorcycle headphones should be compact so it can easily fit inside your helmet. It should also feature an in-line volume control so you don’t have to bring out your phone or iPod to adjust the volume.

Motorcycle Headphones Reviews

Outdoor Technology Chips Wireless Bluetooth Helmet Audio

The Outdoor Technology Bluetooth headset is compact and simple to use. It has a simple button control system and a microphone for answering calls. You can wirelessly play music from your phone or music player, or use the audio jack.

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Buyee Bt Interphone Bluetooth Motorbike Motorcycle Helmet Intercom Headset

The Buyee Bluetooth Motorbike Headset allows you to communicate with other bikers or your passenger, answer or reject calls, and listen to music from your phone. It has echo and noise suppression features for good voice and sound quality.

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XSound 3 High Definition Helmet Speakers

The Xsound Helmet Speakers from IASUS are sleek and lightweight. They come with straps, velcro, and foam pads to securely attach to your helmet. Its wires are reinforced with kevlar for extra durability.

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Sena SMH10R Low Profile Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset and Intercom

The Sena SMH10R features a four-way intercom system, ideal for communicating with small groups. It supports voice commands, giving you hands-free control of your music, intercom, or GPS.

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Wireless Headphones, Aokon P50000 Sweatproof Sports Earphones

The Aokon P50000 offers HD stereo sound and noise-cancellation technology in a compact form that fits snugly on your ears and slips under any helmet. It has an ergonomic, sweat-proof design that contours to your ears.

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Excelvan BT Motorcycle Motorbike Skiing Helmet Bluetooth Headset

The Excelvan Bluetooth Headset can fit in any type of helmet. You can stream music from your phone or other Bluetooth-enabled devices. It also offers wireless communication between three riders, GPS audio navigation, and noise cancellation technology.

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Sena 20S-01 Motorcycle Bluetooth 4.1 Communication System

The Sena 20S-01 allows you to communicate via intercom while listening to your music or the radio. It supports voice commands for a hands-free experience.

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IDEAPRO Waterproof V6 BT 1200M Range 6 Riders Motorcycle and Scooter Bluetooth Headset

The Ideapro V6 is suitable for people who want a motorcycle headset that they can also use as an everyday headset even when not on a bike. It allows you to communicate or listen to music wirelessly and hands-free.

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UCLEAR Digital Pulse Wired Drop-In High Definition Helmet Speakers

The UCLEAR Digital Pulse drop-in speakers are easy to install and designed to allow you to quickly and easily install and remove them from the helmet without any tool. It’s a good choice for people with multiple helmets.

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SharkMotorcycleAudio shklxh1 Radio Headset kit for Half-Face (1/2 face) Motorcycle Helmet

The SharkMotorcycleAudio Radio Headset is suitable outdoor riding. It blocks out wind and noise so you can fully enjoy your music. It is compatible with smart phones, portable music players, and radios.

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Things to Consider in Motorcycle Headsets

How it stays in the ear – The headset should stay secure within your ears so it won’t fall off when you ride, especially at high speeds.

How it is attached – You can attach headsets in various ways. Some slip into the helmet’s ear pads. Some are directly attached to the helmet’s inner wall. Choose one, which can provide you with utmost comfort.

Microphones – Some motorcycle headsets come with built-in microphone. This feature allows you to take calls without the need to take off your helmet.

Gloved usage – Some headsets have controls on the cord, allowing for easy access whenever you want to change settings. Check whether you can use these controls even with gloved hands.

Access to controls – Some headsets have external controls for adjusting volume, changing tracks or even taking calls. Some have wireless functions, but require you to take out your gadget for changing settings.

Helmet style – Some headsets are made specifically for a single type of helmet. Choose one, which is suitable for the type of helmet you use.

What to Look for in Motorcycle Headsets

Long-term riding comfort – Wearing the headset should not cause an uncomfortable pressure within the ears. It should be comfortable, even with the helmet pressing on the headset.

Multiple drivers – This headset feature helps with better differentiation of the mids, highs and lows. This makes for the most accurate and best playback quality.

Single drivers may still be a good choice based on the type of music you usually listen to. Try the headset on and see if a single driver will deliver an acceptable sound quality.

Length of cable – This may seem trivial, but it is a vital safety consideration. You can easily get entangled with long cables that may cause accidents.

Quality of cable – The cables should be as durable as the headsets themselves. They should be capable of holding up to the stress of the wind and the stress of repeatedly hitting your body.

Quality of connections – The connection of the cable to the headset and the audio jack should equally be durable. These are structurally weaker and should have some reinforcements to last longer.

Features to Look for Motorcycle Headsets

Wind cancellation – Try playing music over the rushing wind and the roar of the motor. It’s going to be one noise fest, which is unhealthy on your eardrums.

It is best to get headsets with some noise-cancellation features. It may be either an active noise cancellation or a passive noise reduction feature.

Passive noise cancellation is an older type. It functions by filling the ear canal with sponge-like and rubber material to act as barrier against incoming sound waves.

Active noise cancellation feature is a newer technology. It has a special electronic architecture, which creates anti-sound waves to counter noise coming into the ear canal.

Playback quality – The quality of sound should be excellent. It should not add to the noise of the wind and the motor when you ride.

The bass should be within the acceptable range of 60 to 250 Hz. If the headset provides a better bass range, then it’s a much better deal.

Advantages of Using Motorcycle Headsets

Entertainment – While on the road, listening to music is a good source of entertainment. It also helps keep you alert when going on longer rides.

Directions – You can listen to directions while travelling through your headsets. You do not have to make frequent stops to check maps or access your smartphone for directions.

Communicator – Some headsets come with communicator compatibilities. This is often an in-helmet feature with external controls and Bluetooth syncing to check directions while driving.

Noise reduction – Even a full-face helmet cannot effectively reduce wind noise that exceeds 115 dB. This noise level is extremely high and can cause deafness.

Headsets with noise cancelling or noise-reduction features can protect your ears from hearing loss. These features are vital because simply cranking up music volume is not going to help.

Aside from preserving your sense of hearing, you also get better hearing capabilities. Cancelling out droning noise (e.g., engine, wind, etc.) will help you hear voices, horns and other high frequency sounds better.