Best Motorcycle GPS

Have you ever felt restricted with the number of places you can travel to using your motorcycle? The only way to overcome this feeling is to venture into new locations. You can confidently do so with the best motorcycle GPS.

A motorcycle GPS should be highly resistant to water, heat, and engine vibration. It should also offer mapping upgrades regularly. A voice guidance feature should be well-integrated as well. This is for added safety and convenience.

Motorcycle GPS Reviews

BMW Navigator V without Four Button Cradle


BMW’s Motorrad Navigator V without Four Button Cradle features a 5-inch touch screen display. It is pre-loaded with North American maps that can be updated freely and regularly. This GPS System is easy to use with its simple user interface.

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Garmin Nuvi 2589LMT North America 


This GPS system by Garmin offers a 5-inch touch screen display. With its Bluetooth feature, you can pair this unit to your smartphone to answer calls and listen to music. This unit can also survive wet, cold, and hot weather conditions.

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TomTom VIA 1605M GPS Navigator


TomTom’s VIA 1605M GPS Navigator features a 6-inch touch screen. It is equipped with the maps of USA, Canada, and Mexico. It also offers free lifetime updates of maps.

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Garmin Zumo 660LM GPS Motorcycle Navigator 


This GPS Navigator, by Garmin, features a 4.3-inch touch-screen display. This unit provides 3D navigation that’ll allow you to easily venture to unfamiliar places. It can also be paired with Bluetooth devices.

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TomTom START 50M 5-Inch GPS Navigator 


This GPS Navigator by TomTom will greatly enhance your road trip experience, thanks to a feature that lets you know the prices of gas in every location. With its advance lane guidance feature, this unit will also make you stay on the right lane.

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TomTom RIDER Motorcycle GPS Navigator


TomTom’s RIDER Motorcycle GPS Navigator features a 4.3-inch touch screen display that is glove friendly. Its screen displays bright images that can still be read under heavy sunlight. It’s waterproof, and suitable in any weather condition.

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Garmin Zumo 590LM 


Garmin Zumo 590LM is a sun-and glove-friendly motorcycle GPS. This device gives spoken directions that’ll help you navigate easier. With this device, you can also listen to your favorite songs while enjoying a good ride.

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All Terrain 4.3 Inch Motorcycle GPS Navigation System “Rage”


All Terrain 4.3 Inch Motorcycle GPS Navigation System “Rage” is manufactured by Generic. It has a user friendly interface, and like many units, it can also be paired with Bluetooth devices. It doesn’t have pre-installed maps though.

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Excelvan 8GB 4.3” TFT Touch Screen Motorcycle Car GPS


This GPS Navigator by Excelvan is a waterproof device that could survive rain or snow. This unit supports multi-media including e-books and some games. What does this unit doesn’t have? Pre-installed maps, that is.

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Excelvan 4.3” 256MB DDR3 8GB Flash GPS 


This unit by Excelvan has a touch screen display that is also glove-friendly. It has a pre-installed USA map. It gives accurate directions, and also provides alternate routes.

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The Advantages of Having a Motorcycle GPS

A motorcycle GPS can help you get to places easily. Using a GPS on your road trips is the easiest way to get from one place to another. You will be provided with road maps of the different ways to get to your destinations.

It can enhance your riding experience. With a GPS device, you will not have to second-guess each turn you make. You’ll have the right expectations in each trail you go.

It is a lot more durable and convenient than using your phone as your GPS. As motorcycle rides can get a little bumpy, you need to rely on a durable GPS that is within your sight.

You do not want to make those short stops to check on your phone to see if you made the right turn. And your phone is not made to withstand constant vibration.

A motorcycle GPS is made with the rider in mind. You can navigate a motorcycle GPS with your gloves on. A car GPS needs human touch when navigating it.

Motorcycle GPS units are made to last long. Manufacturers created the motorcycle GPS units with the riders’ experience in mind. So they made it durable, and weather-, water-, and shock-proof.

Types of Motorcycle GPS

Special Motorcycle GPS System. The Special Motorcycle GPS System is designed solely for the purpose of mounting the device onto your motorcycle and letting it do its job.

The Special Motorcycle GPS System has a rugged feature. It is weather-proof and has waterproof casing and anti-glare screens. The touch-screen and Bluetooth capabilities are added for your safety and convenience.

The GPS/PDA Unit. As the name implies, this type is a hybrid of a GPS and a PDA. Riders choose this unit because of its large screen, aside from its multi-functionality.

If you need to work but you also do not want to pass off an adventure, you can bring this unit along. This is especially the case if your job requires that you work on different sites, as in construction, or photography. This device is compatible with Microsoft Word, Power Point, and Excel. You can also store photos and play games.

Portable Outdoor Hiking GPS Device. This is the most versatile GPS unit as you can use it in several other sports. You can take it with you when you are camping or mountain biking.

But you need to have a mounting device ready as this unit does not always come with a universal mount. You would want your GPS where you can see it while riding your motorcycle.

How To Select a Motorcycle GPS?

Strong Connectivity and Preloaded Maps. You are buying a GPS unit because you want accurate locations. However, if you enjoy nature and travelling in secluded areas, your greatest enemy is having a poor signal.

You should choose a GPS unit with strong connectivity or one that has preloaded maps in it. You can use the preloaded maps in case you lost your signal.

Mount. Your GPS unit should be where you can easily see it. You should verify if your unit comes with a mount or not as you may need to transfer your unit from one motorcycle to another.

Your mount should also be shock-proof so friction and vibration will be absorbed by the mount and not in your GPS. A shock-proof mount will keep your unit safe.

Durability. Your unit should be able to withstand reverberation and vibration as this is how some motorcycle rides can be. It should also be weather-proof and durable so you are free to go wherever you want to go.

Screen. You need to be comfortable with the size of your screen as that will dictate your overall experience with the unit. The screen should also have anti-glare properties and should be glove-friendly.

How to Maintain You Motorcycle GPS

A lot of motorcycle GPS units today boast of their durability and reliability, which are the two most important things you need to look for in a motorcycle GPS.

But your GPS unit also requires some maintenance so you are assured of accurate location and that your unit will not die on you while you are in the middle of an adventure.

Check for your GPS unit’s accuracy. Most GPS units will be able to indicate location within a margin of error of between 6 and 8 meters. However, newer models are equipped with Wide Area Augmentation System that can deviate to a range of only 3 to 4 meters.

The battery life of your unit should be compatible with your needs. As power may not always be readily available, you need to know how you can get power into your unit during long rides. Some units are battery-operated while others are rechargeable.

Your unit should be able to take generous amounts of vibrations and reverberations. Most motorcycle GPS units are designed with shock-proof mounts so the vibration will be absorbed before it reaches your unit.

Your motorcycle GPS should be easy to update. As roads keep on changing, your unit should be updated as well so you can get accurate navigation.