Best Motorcycle Gloves

Riding a motorcycle with an abrasion on your hand, regardless of how small it is, can be excruciatingly painful. That is why you need some hand protection in the form of the best motorcycle gloves.

The ideal motorcycle gloves should suit your hand size well. It should have a wrist closure to ensure that it won’t slip off as you ride. If you travel around colder regions, your gloves should have decent thermal insulation.

Motorcycle Gloves Reviews

TitanOps Full Finger and Half Finger Hard Knuckle

These motorcycle gloves by TitanOPS gear are durable and comfortable. They shield the knuckles and prevent minor injuries. These gloves can also be used in other outdoor activities.

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ILM Alloy Steel Knuckle Motorcycle Gloves

ILM’s Alloy Steel Knuckle Motorcycle Gloves provide protection for the important parts of the hands. The hard parts of these gloves won’t decrease your fingers’ range of motion, or your grip. These thin and lightweight gloves aren’t suitable for winter riding.

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BMW Genuine Motorcycle Motorrad Rallye Gloves


These motorcycle gloves made by BMW are known to be solid. They are ideal to use in places with high temperatures. They fit well and don’t slip off the hands.

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Milwaukee Men’s Leather Gauntlet Riding Gloves


Milwaukee Men’s Leather Gauntlet Riding Gloves are a product of Milwaukee Motorcycle Clothing Company. These gloves are made with soft leather that makes them comfortable to wear. They can be used in both wet and cold weather conditions.

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4ucycling Touch-Screen Multifunction Cycling Gloves

4ucycling’s Touch-Screen Multifunction Cycling Gloves are compatible with devices that have touch-screen displays. These gel padded gloves are breathable and flexible. They can also be washed with a washing machine.

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OMGAI Men’s Full Finger Motorcycle Gloves

OMGAI Men’s Full Finger Motorcycle Gloves, by OMGAI, provide the protection your hands need. These lightweight gloves are made with durable materials that also ensure comfort. These gloves also fit well.

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New Thinsulate Motorcycle Leather Full Gloves

Jacket 4 Bikes’ New Thinsulate Motorcycle Leather Full Gloves are fashionable and durable. With their padded knuckles, these gloves can also provide a good protection for your hands. They are made with thin materials but they can still keep your hands warm.

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Hot Leathers Skeleton Mechanic Gloves

Hot Leathers’ Skeleton Mechanic Gloves feature a stylish design. They are made from nylon and synthetic leather that allows a stronger grip. Though they look stylish, they aren’t water resistant.

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Warmen Women’s Nappa Leather Half Finger Fingerless Motorcycle Gloves


These motorcycle gloves by Warmen have a simple yet elegant design. These gloves have a snap closure that makes them fit nicely. They are also soft and comfortable to use.

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Tcbunny Pro-biker Motorbike Carbon Fiber Gloves

TCBunny’s Pro-Biker Motorbike Carbon Fiber Gloves are decent gloves for motorbiking. They are made with a breathable fabric that provides comfort. They are good but they aren’t very durable.

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Reasons to Have Motorcycle Gloves

Motorcycle gloves may seem like a nuisance to some riders. However, you should never underestimate the power of using motorcycle gloves. Here are some of the reasons why you need to start wearing gloves.

Motorcycle gloves protect your hand from injuries. When anticipating a fall, your instinct is to use your hands to brace yourself of the fall. Well-reinforced gloves provide added protection to your hands.

Motorcycle gloves provide better grip. Long drives may cause your hands to be sweaty. Motorcycle gloves will not prevent your hands from being sweaty inside, but at least you will not have sweat on your handlebars which may cause accident.

Motorcycle gloves reduce the numbness from the cold air. The gloves will keep your hands warm during long drives and will keep you retain the feeling on your hands so you can act faster in case of incoming accidents.

Motorcycle gloves can reduce vibration. Long rides can take a toll on your hands as it is consistently exposed to vibration. Some gloves are designed with gel reinforcements to prevent hand fatigue caused by the vibration.

Wearing full gear is a must. You never know if an accident is going to happen. You need to protect yourself from any untoward incidents so you can enjoy your motorcycle adventures.

Types of Motorcycle Gloves

Fingerless Gloves. Fingerless gloves protect your palms while giving freedom to your fingers. Some riders choose this type of gloves as they find it uncomfortable to wear full-coverage gloves.

Your knuckles and palms are the two most injury-prone areas during a crash. Fingerless gloves do not really serve its purpose in protecting your entire hands.

Motocross Gloves. Motocross gloves provide extra grip and ample protection for your hands, thanks to the reinforced knuckles which provide added protection. This type of gloves is especially good in summertime when you would like to do off-road riding.

Motocross gloves offer more ventilation, but they leave your wrists exposed to injury. Wearing full-coverage gloves will protect you from abrasions in case of an accident.

Gauntlet Gloves. This is the perfect protection for your entire hands as it extends all the way up to your forearm. It has several reinforcements on the fingers and knuckles and an extra layer of leather on the wrist and palm.

When choosing your motorcycle gloves, it is important to consider the level of protection that your gloves will provide, your comfort, and your specific needs.

How to Select Motorcycle Gloves?

When choosing your motorcycle gloves, take note of the following considerations. They should serve as your guide in choosing the right motorcycle gloves.

Fit. Your gloves should fit your hands well but they should not be too tight. They should be comfortable and allow movement. You do not want gloves that are too restrictive as they may even cause your accident.

Materials. Motorcycle gloves are usually made of leather and they may include gauntlets that protect your wrist from injury. Other gloves have insulation and breathable fabric.

Ease. Your gloves should feel like a second skin. The feel of the material, fit, and the overall experience should be right. If it does not feel right, then move on to the next choice.

Additional Features. Aside from the main purpose of protecting your hands, gloves may also include ventilation, length variation, and weatherproofing. Some gloves also have carbon or titanium panels along the joints of the fingers and the knuckles for added protection.

When choosing gloves, it is best to try them on so you’ll know exactly how they fit and how the materials feel. Check the vendor’s return policy before you commit to a pair.

How to Maintain Your Motorcycle Gloves?

To make sure that your gloves will last long, you need to take proper measures in taking care of them. Here are some of the ways to properly care for your gloves.

  1. Clean your gloves every few months so you can get rid of the dirt and grit from the long rides and the sweat from your hands. You might need to clean them more frequently depending on how often you use them.
  1. Wash your gloves in warm water. Use a saddle soap or any gentle soap to preserve the quality of your gloves. Then rinse them well with cold water.
  1. Do not wring your gloves after washing them so they will not lose their shape. You just need to hang them to dry. Before wearing them again, lay them on a dry surface overnight.
  1. To preserve the shape your gloves, you can try them on while they are still wet and then remove them and hang them to dry fully.
  1. Do not hang your gloves under direct sunlight and do not apply any type of heat as it can damage the material of your gloves. Leather conditioner can also bring back the suppleness of your gloves.