Best Motorcycle Boots

Your feet are as important as your hands when you are riding a motorcycle. With the best motorcycle boots, you can avail protection and comfort for your feet. You control your motorcycle better, too.

An ideal pair of motorcycle boots should cover up to the middle of your calves. This provides better protection without sacrificing comfort. Leather-made boots are also recommended because of the material’s resistance against abrasion and water.

Motorcycle Boots Reviews

O’Neal Rider Boots

O’Neal’s Rider Boots are a sturdy pair. They may be stiff at first, but they’ll be more comfortable to use over time. These boots also have a metal guard that’ll protect your toes. The overall design of these boots will give you the protection you need.

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Forma Adventure Off-Road Motorcycle Boots 

Forma Adventure Off-Road Motorcycle Boots are stylish and waterproof. They have a molded plastic feature that gives protection to the ankle and shin bone. These boots are also easy to walk around with.

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Xelement 1506

These boots, by Xelement, are water repellant and oil resistant. They have no buckles, but they have side zippers. With their leather exterior, you can also expect these boots to be durable.

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Gaerne Balanced Boots Oiled Brown

Gaerne’s Balance Boots are made from thick leather that makes them durable. The brown finish looks fashionable. These boots are comfortable to use and are also waterproof.

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Milwaukee Women’s Delusion Boots

Milwaukee Women’s Delusion Boots have a zipper on the side that makes it easy to put on and take off. They are made from full grain leather. The one-and-a-half inch heel gives the pair an edgy look while remaining comfortable to wear for extended periods.

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AlpineStars Tech 7 Boots

AlpineStars’ Tech 7 Boots are lightweight boots that are comfortable to wear even during the first use. These boots are resistant to abrasions and corrosion. They also have buckles that allow quick closure and removal.

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Joe Rocket Ballistic Touring Men’s Boots

Joe Rocket’s Ballistic Touring Men’s Boots give off a look that is futuristic. These boots have an articulated area in the ankle that provides more mobility. Enhancing their durability, these boots are also double-stitched.

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Fox Racing Comp 5 Off-road Boots

These boots by Fox Racing are comfortable to use. Walking with these boots on is easy, and with the right size, they fit the contours of the average foot well. They also have a solid sole that’ll give you more grip and support on slippery surfaces.

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AXO Drone Boots

AXO Drone Boots are big enough to fit large calves. Like other boots, they may be stiff at first but they’ll be more comfortable to wear after they’re broken in. These boots have four replaceable buckles, which are difficult to buckle and unbuckle sometimes.

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Vega Merge Men’s Motorcycle Boots

Merge Men’s Motorcycle Boots by Vega Technical Gear are lightweight boots. Their rubber soles will give you a stronger grip on wet and slippery surfaces. These boots also have a dual security lace system.

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Benefits of using motorcycle boots

Safety: Motorcycle boots are more than just for covering the feet. Features such as reinforced ankle bone, sole, shin and toe boxes protect both feet and lower legs from major injuries.

It also keeps the feet and lower legs protected from debris coming up from the track/road. It also helps to keep the feet secure on the foot rests.

Comfort: You will definitely feel the strain and discomfort on your feet and lower legs on long rides. The right motorcycle boots will help ease discomfort.

Motorcycle boots are designed in a way to provide more support to the sole and ankle that everyday footwear does not. The design is to help keep the feet in optimum comfortable riding position.

Additional features on these boots helps make standing, braking and shifting over longer periods more bearable. Examples are reinforcements and added materials on the sole and toe box.

Performance: Casual footwear is not equipped to help you navigate the road or track on a motorcycle. Motorcycle boots provide the control, feel, grip and dexterity you need.  

Styles of motorcycle boots

Race and sport motorcycle boots: This type of boots is designed to perform well at high speeds, with excellent protection, dexterity, maneuverability and grip over tracks or trails.

Every aspect of these boots are designed to contribute to overall safety and greater performance. This includes the outsole and insole design, as well as the enclosures and buckle systems.

Sport touring/Touring boots: This is ideal for tourers and commuters and everyone in between. It delivers comfort for all-day riding that most riders are looking for.

Most of these boots focus on weather-resistance, protection/support and comfort. It has a taller design to protect the shin and fight the elements, such as cold and rain.

Short boots/riding shoes: These are becoming more popular among those who don’t want the taller motorcycle boots. These ankle-high boots protect and support the ankle and sole.

V-Twin and Cruiser boots: These are the classic motorcycle boots. These have tall heels and hefty soles, with heavy-duty protection and a few additional built-in features for long rides.

What to look for in motorcycle boots (Basic characteristics)

Height: Motorcycle boots should be at least ankle-high to provide adequate support and protection. High-top boots might be stiffer than low-cut designs but will give greater protection.

Full-height boots are ideal. It adequately supports the ankles, which are very prone to injuries even with simple low-side crashes. Full-height boots also fully protects the feet.

Material: The material should be durable, comfortable, supportive and able to stand up to the rigors of different types of riding. It should hold up to repeated contact with asphalt.

Soft leather and canvas are not enough to give the needed support and protection. The best materials are those with high abrasion-resistance such as thick leather.

Look for reinforcements in vulnerable (high-wear) areas. Reinforcements include plastic sliders and/or double-layered textile or leather. Materials used should also be breathable for added comfort.

Construction: Look at the stitching. Double- or triple-stitched boots mean better durability and strength. Sole connection is also important. Glued-on soles are unreliable in a crash.

Additional features to look for in motorcycle boots

Closures: This is more of personal preference, whether to get Velcro or lace closures. The important thing is to check that these are strong and reliable in securing the boots. Velcro allows you to quickly remove and put on the boots it might not be as strong as lace.

Soles: These should provide good grip. Softer soles have good grip on the footpeg but wear out sooner. Harder soles last longer but with reduced grip.

Armor/protection: Padding and armor are always great additional features. Sport/racing boots typically come with built-in Kevlar armor. Street boots usually have steel plates on the toe area.

Fit: Perfect fit means comfort and better protection. Poor fitting is a recipe for disaster because it interferes with proper grip, maneuverability and reliable feel.

Replaceable parts: Some boots come with replaceable parts such as fitted booties. This allows for better fit and for easy replacement of worn-out or damaged parts.

Comfort: Of course, never compromise comfort. Painful feet and uncomfortable legs will compromise proper control, stability and performance. These will likely end up in accidents.