Best Motorcycle Backpack

Many motorcycles have built-in storage spaces. If yours don’t have one or if you don’t have enough space, you can get the best motorcycle backpack for additional storage. A bag is also ideal if you are packing food and drinks.

The back portion and sleeves of the bag should be well-padded to ensure your comfort as you wear it. The outer layer of the backpack should be dirt-, wind- and water-proof.

Motorcycle Backpack Reviews

Dowco 04743 Fastrax Xtreme Moto Universal Backpack

The Dowco 04743 Fastrax Xtreme Moto Universal Backpack is water-resistant and has reinforced sidewalls. It has a reflective screen print for visibility, making it suitable for people who ride at nighttime.

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Ogio No Drag Mach 5 Backpack

The Ogio No Drag Mach 5 Backpack is suitable for riding at high speeds. Its weather-resistant and aerodynamic molded shell exterior is designed to reduce drag. It also has fleece-lined compartments to protect your gadgets.

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Joe Rocket 1409-0000 Blaster Max

The Joe Rocket Blaster Max Motorcycle Backpack is ideal for keeping your things organized. It has several exterior pockets, ensuring that your small items such as pens, earphones, or medicine won’t get lost.

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Alpinestars Roving Backpack

The Alipinestars Roving Backpack weighs under 2 pounds, making it ideal for people who want a lightweight but sturdy backpack for daily use. It has an 18-liter capacity with internal pockets to keep your belongings organized.

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Seibertron Motorbike backpack

The Seibertron Motorbike Backpack is suitable for daily use. It is a spacious and secure backpack with water-resistant material that can protect your belongings in mild rain.

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OGIO International Throttle Pack

The OGIO International Throttle Pack is for those who prefer top loading backpacks. It has a waterproof welded roll top opening, an externally accessible laptop compartment, and two external pockets for your water bottle or other small items.

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Oxford OL863 Black Lightweight Sports Motorcycle Backpack

The Oxford OL863 is a practical motorcycle backpack with practical compartments for storing your keys, gadgets, motorcycle gloves, and other small items. It also has a unique helmet carrier system so you can bring your helmet with you.

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TMS TMS-BackPack-ALUM Aluminum Motorcycle Backpack/Spine Protector

The TMS Backpack is a roomy backpack with multiple compartments and aluminum plating in front. It is suitable for people who want some extra protection without too much added weight.

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Viking Motorcycle Sissy Bar Backpack

The Vikings Motorbike Sissy Bar Backpack is for people who don’t want to wear their backpack while riding. It’s a simple backpack that has mounting straps to securely attach it to the rear of the motorcycle.

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Uni-sex Ultramodern Aluminium Alloy Shield Motorcycle bag

The Uni-sex Ultramodern Motorcycle Bag by JooJooBeach is ideal for people who don’t need a huge backpack. It has a multiple compartments for organization and a protective aluminum shield that offers night visibility.

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Types of Motorcycle Backpacks

Hard-shell – These backpacks can help protect valuables in case of some road mishap. The hard case can provide enough cushion for sensitive contents such as laptops and breakables.

Downside is, the hard case may be a source of additional injuries. The rider landing on the hard case may suffer back and other similar injuries.

Soft-shell – Softer materials are used all throughout the body of the backpack. It can adequately protect contents from wind, sun and rain. Materials may have additional proofing for greater protection.

These are less likely to cause added injuries in case of crash, but may not adequately protect contents, such as gadgets and other breakable possessions.

Visi-bags – These bags come with reflectors strategically designed all over the body. Its main purpose is to make the rider more visible on the road.

These bags are highly recommended for those who expect to travel the roads in the dark. These may be in soft-shell or in hard-shell forms.

Factors to Consider before Buying a Motorcycle Backpack

Body type – Backpacks come in various fits, designed for specific body types. This factor greatly affects how convenient and comfortable the backpack will be during rides.

This factor also considers fit. Backpacks that are too large may get in the way during maneuvers. Backpacks that are too small may restrict body movement.

Frequency of rides – If you ride everyday or for longer periods at a time, an expensive and feature-rich backpack will be more cost-effective in the long run.

If you won’t be riding or carrying items every day, a cheaper one may suffice. You may not really need some advanced features, such as compression straps and ventilated backs.

Contents – What do you expect to carry along inside the backpack? Look for those with optimum protection if you carry breakables and gadgets. One with multiple compartments is ideal if you plan to bring several items.

Design – Of course, aesthetics is important. A cool backpack should match your cool motorcycle outfit. You have several colors, shapes and various design options to choose from.

Features to Look for in Motorcycle Backpack

Capacity – Consider how many items you will regularly be bringing with you on your rides. Avoid getting large ones “just in case” you may need the extra space.

Durability – Whether it’s for long rides or occasional use, your motorcycle backpack should be capable of withstanding the force of the wind at high speeds and exposure to wind and sun.

Frames – These give more support and durability to the backpacks. These can also transfer the weight of your load from your back towards the bag.

Frames are either external or internal. External frames allow for better ventilation. It is ideal for heavier loads. Internal frames allow the bag to hug your body. This improves aerodynamics and reduces drag.

Attachment points – These allow you to carry more items with you. Attach items you will be needing most of the time during your rides via a carabiner.

Ventilated back – This is a good feature to have when you ride for long periods. Ventilation materials, such as mesh, can help keep your back dry and make you more comfortable.

Benefits of a Motorcycle Backpack

Convenient carrying – You can carry important items with you on your rides in a convenient and well-protected place. Your backpack will keep it organized and easily accessible anytime during your trip.

All-weather protection – You can keep your items well-protected without worrying about it getting damaged by the rushing wind, pounding rain or harsh sun. Waterproofing keeps rain away from your valuables.

Easy carrying – Built-in backpack features such as frames, supports and ergonomic designs help you carry heavier loads without placing too much strain on your back.

Protection – Heavy duty materials keep your belongings safe from damage. Some designs can also help cushion falls and reduce chances of injuries during road mishaps.

Smart backpacks – Some backpacks have advanced features that allow riders to carry their smartphones and other gadgets in special, easy to access compartments. Some even allow for safe gadget use during rides.

Comfort and safety – Reflectorized design and materials on the backpack can also help make you more visible when you ride at night. Some backpacks come with ventilation and hydration features, making you feel more comfortable.