Best Low Profile Motorcycle Helmet

Wearing full-face or modular helmets tends to be inconvenient if you are simply cruising with your motorcycle within the town. You can opt for the best low profile motorcycle helmet instead. This tends to be more convenient and lightweight.

A low-profile motorcycle helmet should be simple in design. Its half for a shell should be sturdy enough to handle low to medium impact. It should have removable and washable liners for comfort.

Low Profile Motorcycle Helmet Reviews

Daytona Helmets Slim Line Skull Cap

The Daytona Slim Line Skull Cap is ideal for people who want a simple half helmet that is also compliant with the D.O.T. safety standards. It is lined with moisture wicking fabric that keeps you cooler in hot or humid temperatures.

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VCAN V531 Cruiser Solid Flat Black Medium Half Helmet

The VCAN V531 Cruiser is a low profile helmet that offers extra protection with a removable cheek pad and protective interior adding. It’s made with quality ABS thermoplastic resin shell and meets D.O.T standards.

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Fuel Helmets SH-HHFL66 HH Series Half Helmet

This half helmet by Fuel Helmets has a simple design but is sturdy enough to comply with D.O.T standards. Its padded, open ear design is ideal for people who want a helmet that gives them unimpaired hearing.

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Skid Lid Original Helmet

The Skid Lid Original Helmet is a D.O.T-compliant low profile helmet. It is made of thermoplastic alloy injected shell and is suitable for people who want a durable minimalist helmet.

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Outlaw T-72 Dual-Visor Glossy Motorcycle Half Helmet with Graphics of Viking Go

The Outlaw T-72 Dual-Visor Glossy Motorcycle Half Helmet has a removable smoke visor that can easily be screwed or unscrewed. It has a glossy black polycarbonate shell with a striking Viking design.

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Voss 700FRP EZ Rider Low Profile DOT Fiberglass Half Helmet

The Voss 700FRP EZ Rider Half Helmet is ideal for people who find normal helmets too loose at the sides. It accommodates oval head shapes and is lined with removable Kool Komort micro fiber material.

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IV2 Chopper, Cruiser, Beanie, Half Helmet

This IV2 Half Helmet is made with sturdy fiber-reinforced, ABS thermal plastic composite shell that meets D.O.T standards. It is lined with EPS Impact Foam for protection and it has a removable sun visor.

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TORC T55.2 LowDown Half Helmet with ‘Black Flag’ Graphic

The TORC T55.2 LowDown Half Helmet has dense, protective padding while still maintaining a compact and low profile design. It’s suitable as simple, safe, and comfortable helmet for beginners.

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Daytona Helmets Eagle Skull Cap Half Shell Motorcycle Helmet

The Daytona Helmets Eagle Skull Cap is a basic helmet with a comfortable, moisture wicking interior. It’s ideal for people who don’t need full-face protective helmets which are heavy and more suited for high speeds. It’s sufficient for casual hobbyists or beginners.

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Low Profile Novelty Harley Chopper Motorcycle Half Helmet Skull Cap

The Low Profile Novelty Harley helmet by Biker access is suitable for casual riders or beginners. It’s made of strong fiberglass shell and has cushioned interior.

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Types of Low Profile Motorcycle Helmets

There are several types of low profile helmets that are suited for different preferences depending on the wearer. It should be snug and fit, preventing lift even at high speeds. Some of these types are listed below.

Half-head cover: This type of helmet commonly has an open-face design. It has a close fitting and sometimes a matte-black finish. Most of the time, the helmet and securing chin straps are what this type is composed of.

Open-face with Visor: There are other types that seem to resemble jet pilot helmets. These have removable ear padding attached to the foam inside the helmet. These are usually purchased with removable visors.

Fiber-Glass: Some low-profile helmets are incorporated with fiber glass for added protection. These types of helmets are also available in wide variety of designs suitable for any preference.

Ventilation: Manufacturers have also developed low-profile helmets that are made with honeycomb mesh. These types of helmets are best worn when riding on extremely hot days.

Low profile helmets aren’t only limited to black and monochrome colors. Some brands also make colorful plain designs or with distinctive patterns, suitable for any personality.

How to Select Low Profile Motorcycle Helmets

Helmets are made for protection from fatal injuries or fines. But there are other factors to consider before purchasing one. Listed below are some of them.

The user must distinguish his head size properly; the helmet should be snug and fit. The safety of the wearer may be compromised if the helmet isn’t thoroughly fitted.

The DOT sets a minimum standard level in manufactured helmets of any kind.  The ideal low profile helmet must at least meet or exceed government guidelines.

Optional features like removable ear pads and visors are advantageous. These extra features are proven to be immensely useful especially when driving in cold weather or while raining.

The physical design should also be observed. A properly fitted helmet should have its weight evenly distributed around the wearer’s neck and shoulders. This is to make sure there’s no muscle strain overtime.

Sunshade visors and ventilation are also important elements when choosing a low-profile helmet. This lets the wearer be at ease while riding without bargaining his safety against comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most asked questions regarding low profile helmets are listed below. These were then answered by customers who already made a similar purchase.

Can water enter the vents?

Most helmets have vents and these let water in them. There are also helmets made with vents that seem to flip slightly open when faced with a draft.

Is a ½ shell low profile helmet enough to be safe even when an accident occurs?

It may be sufficient in a minimal crash, but not in severe accidents. This type of helmet only protects the top part of the wearer’s head.

Are heavy helmets prone to giving rider’s fatigue?

It depends. Helmets that are 4lbs or more should be tested. It should be ensured that there is even weight distribution.

How long do these helmets last when in moderate use?

Helmets made of dependable poly-carbonate can last about a few years and still look fine.

What needs to be considered when purchasing a helmet?

The first rule should be to purchase a helmet from trusted sellers. Then make sure it follows the basic safety standards set by the government.

How are Low-Profile Motorcycle Helmets Made?

All motorcycle helmets are made with care to assure the safety of the wearer. Therefore, intensive quality check and production are performed before they reach the market.

The first step involves preparation of the materials necessary in the process. The main material of the helmet is decided, whether it would be made of polycarbonate, carbon fiber or fiber glass.

The liquid form of what helmet shells are made of are blown into the appropriate size and shape. The mold and liner are then exposed to water to let it cool down.

These are now arranged according to size. Sorting out the helmets may be done by machines or workers or both. They are then put together by the assigned workers for the job.

Testing the helmets comes next. A variety of testing measures are done in this procedure. Dropping heavy objects on the helmet is one of them.

All manufactures are obliged to produce quality helmets. Helmets are also checked according to the basic safety standards before they are sold to the public.