Best Kids’ Motorcycle Helmets

Kids love to imitate. When your child sees you ride your motorcycle, he or she wants to try it as well. You can avail a mini-motorcycle and combine it with one of the best kids’ motorcycle helmets to ensure safety.

Comfort is the utmost consideration when shopping motorcycle helmets for kids. That is why you should look for a kiddie helmet with padded linings yet lightweight. Its chin strap should be easily adjustable as well.

Kids’ Motorcycle Helmets

IV2 “BIOHAZARD” Youth/Kid Size High-Performance Helmet

The “BIOHAZARD” Youth/Kid Size High-Performance Helmet by IV2 has a thermoplastic composite shell that is fiber-reinforced. Its lightweight liner and cheek pads are removable. Users can also remove the sun visor.

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IV2 Youth/Kid Size High-Performance Helmet

The Youth/Kid Size High-Performance Helmet by IV2 features a detachable sun visor. Its dual D-rings (stainless steel) come with chin straps (buttoned). Its fiber-reinforced composite shell is made of ABS thermoplastic. It also has an EPS impact foam.

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PGR X25 Youth Glory Helmet

The X25 Youth Glory Helmet by PGR is lightweight. Its interior features removable cheek pads and liner. It also boasts of a high-quality gloss finish. It has a height-adjustable peak and comes with a complimentary helmet bag.

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XFMT Youth Kids Helmet (Green Flame)

The Youth Kids Helmet (Green Flame) by XFMT has a finish that is glossy and UV-protective. The helmet package includes 1 goggles pair, 1 gloves pair, 1 helmet, and 1 helmet bag. It can be used offroads.

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TMS® Youth Kids Red Spider Helmet

The Youth Kids Red Spider Helmet by TMS® has a durable, lightweight, and composite shell with UV-protective finish. Its padding is washable and removable. The helmet package includes a pair each of gloves and goggles.

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TCMT Youth & Kids Motocross Off-Road Street Helmet (Black Skull)

The Youth & Kids Motocross Off-Road Street Helmet (Black Skull) has a modular and sleek design. The well-vented helmet allows comfortable year-round riding. The helmet package also comes with a pair each of goggles and gloves and one helmet bag.

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1Storm Youth Kids Full Face Helmet (Matt Black)

The Youth Kids Full Face Helmet (Matt Black) by 1Storm features an aerodynamic and durable thermoplastic shell that is lightweight. It has a front and top vent control with three vent channels. Its padding is washable and removable.

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Youth Full Face Helmet (Blue)

The Youth Full Face Helmet (Blue) by Typhoon Helmets comes with a single lens shield. The liner is machine-washable and can be easily removed. The exhaust, channel, and intake vents ensure maximum air flow. It has a standard chin strap.

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Razor Full-Face Youth Helmet

The Full-Face Youth Helmet by Razor features 17 vents to guarantee a cool and comfortable ride. It comes with extra pads for a comfortable and secure fit. It has an adjustable strap and visor. The eye port can accommodate goggles.

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WOW Youth Kids Helmet (Spider Blue)

The Youth Kids Helmet (Spider Blue) by WOW features a thermoplastic shell that is aerodynamic, durable, and lightweight. Its comfortable interior is heavily cushioned. Its UV-protective finish is glossy. The padding is washable and removable.

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Types of Motorcycle Helmets for Kids

There are different types of kids helmets designed to provide different levels of coverage and protection, and to be used with various types of motorcycles.

Sport helmets are typically heavy and offer high amount of protection. It usually features a faceguard and visor. Like other helmet types, they come in a range of sizes and shapes.

Multi-sport helmets have a lightweight design and are versatile and highly protective. Road helmets are also a lightweight type, offering ideal comfort for the rider.

Full-face helmets feature a faceguard and visor, and cover the entire head and face. These helmets provide the highest level of protection, especially during a crash.

Off-road helmets are designed for use in rough conditions. They may or may not come with a faceguard and visor. Choosing a design depends on the child’s type of riding and the level of protection required.

Besides selecting a helmet based on the protection level it provides, it is also possible to let the child choose a helmet based on his or her preferences, given that the helmet is certified by DOT and SNELL.

Tips in Buying a Kids Motorcycle Helmet

The color of your helmet does more than making your headgear look stylish. White and bright colors, for example, stand out in the dark so you could be seen by other motorists, thereby avoiding accidents.

Get a helmet that fits snugly on your head, not loose-fitting or overly tight. A helmet certified by different testing agencies (SNELL, DOT, BSI, ECE, etc.) is highly recommended.

If you want to talk to other riders nearby, listen to music, or get GPS instructions, consider getting a helmet that can accommodate Bluetooth technology.

It is critical to have clear vision during rides, so choose a helmet with a good-quality face shield. Some shields feature anti-fog coating, which is useful in keeping your view of the road clear.

Sweat and cosmetic hair products can result in fast deterioration of the helmet’s inner liner. Get a helmet with removable liners so you can wash it easily and thoroughly.

Never buy a used helmet. While cheaper, these helmets jeopardize your safety on the road. A damaged helmet may not show visible signs but it is never going to be as good as new.

How to Measure a Child for a Helmet

The helmet size is extremely important. A helmet that’s too small offers poor protection while a helmet that’s too large can be dangerous in case of an accident.

A good-fitting helmet should cover a child’s entire head, excluding the eyes and small portion of the forehead. It should not move around or be taken off too easily.

To get a child’s head size, take a soft measuring tape and wrap it around his or her head about 1cm above the ears. Make sure to measure the widest part of the head.

Keep the tape level from front to back and do not overlap it when checking the size. Repeat the process at least twice to ensure accuracy.

If you don’t have a soft measuring tape, you may use a string to get the length. Get a mechanical tape or any other type of measuring tape you have and compare the length you got on the string.

Take note of the measurement in centimeters and use a specific brand’s sizing chart to find a helmet that matches the size of the child’s head.

Features to Look For in a Kids Helmet

Hitting your head during a crash or fall can cause serious damage to your health. As such, make sure your helmet have the following features for enhanced safety.

The outer shell is typically made of durable plastic material. It serves as the first line of defense against the pavement or other hard objects in case of a crash or fall.

The shell should be able to slide on the ground without catching anything along the way. It also helps if the helmet comes with vents to increase airflow and reduce perspiration.

The fastener and the straps should be sturdy and stable. The fastener should not unbuckle easily and the straps must be comfortable and wide enough for increased security.

The foam lines in the inner part of the helmet should be highly shock-absorbent to provide protection as well as comfort. The thicker the foams, the better.

The helmet should come with snags to allow the rider to snag himself when falling. Aerodynamic models, vents, and square shapes can cause troubles during a fall.