Best Helmet Lock

A helmet is a form of investment to ensure your safety. The best models out there tend to be costly. As such, it is only fitting to get best helmet lock to avoid theft.

A helmet lock should be locked and unlocked without a key. This is possible with programmable digit lock. With such feature, you don’t have to worry about keeping and finding keys.

Motorcycle Helmet Lock Reviews

Racing 1 Motorcycle Helmet Lock

Riders with heavy-duty helmets can trust Racing 1’s helmet lock to keep their head gear secured. The lock features strong and flexible steel cables, a 3-digit resettable passcode, and an easy strap-around-then-lock-in-place mechanism.

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Helmetlok 4101

Keep your helmet secured with this carabiner-style lock. It lets you set your own 4-digit code, and it allows attachment to large bike frames, handlebars, or grab rails. The 4101 is also compact and can be taken anywhere.

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Master Lock #99

The Master Lock #99 features a 14” long vinyl cable to securely wrap the helmet around any part of the motorcycle. Your helmet is protected from scratches with its plastic lock cover.

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BigPantha Combination Pin Helmet Lock

This heavy-duty lock from BigPantha is also a carabiner-style lock with a three-number customizable PIN code. It’s small and light, but dependable. It also comes with a coiled security cable for added protection.

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Bikers Choice 74937S2

This helmet lock is a mountable-type lock. It is chrome-plated and comes with a 1-way tamper-proof screw and two keys. Once the lock is mounted, it will be hard to remove it – a good security feature for the users.

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Lockstraps 801 Locking Carabiner

Compact, reliable and heavy-duty, this helmet lock features a carabiner style with a 3-digit settable combination for added security. It’s made from high-quality, durable steel.

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Helmetlok II Black Rubberized Lock

Locking helmets to motorcycle handlebars or frames is easier with the Helmetlok II. This black combination lock is made from zinc alloys coated with rubber. It’s a carabiner-style lock that’s easy to manipulate.

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Lockstraps 901 Helmet Lock

Made from heat-treated steel and galvanized rivets, the Lockstraps 901 is quite heavy but can be used to lock helmets and other possessions effectively. The strap measures two feet long and is made of sturdy nylon.

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ABUS Combiloop 205

Combiloop 205 is a cable-type lock ideal for securing helmets to large-diameter handlebars and frames. It’s got a 5mm steel cable and a lock bolt with a keypad to set a custom number combination.

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Oxford Lidlock Black

This metal lock lets you create a 4-digit security number combination. It also has an extendable coiled 3ft cable included. The Oxford Lidlock can secure not only helmets, but also gears and jackets.

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Types of Helmet Locks

There are various types of helmet locks. Each one is designed to accommodate a specific type of recreational vehicle – be it a motorcycle, scooter, or bicycle.

Handlebar Lock – This is a stylish-looking and convenient lock. It is usually crafted from forged steel or other type of attractive, shiny metal. Handlebar locks are robust and have a universal design.

Cord Lock – also called mesh leash, this type has a long, usually rubberized, cord that loops around the head gear and back to the lock. You can disengage it using a key or a combination.

Combination Lock – uses a code instead of key, offering convenience for cyclists and motorists. Using this type of lock saves you from dealing with lost keys.

Bolt Lock – features keyed entry. It comes in a cylindrical shape. You can install it in different locations on the motorcycle or bike. It is permanent and small. You can set it up in less than an hour.

License Plate Lock – usually made from durable metal. It cannot be easily damaged or broken. It conveniently attaches to the rear of most standard license plate spaces.

Advantages of Using a Helmet Lock

Helmets protect the lives of motorists, bikers and other recreational riders. They are mandatory by law in most states so every vehicle enthusiast is ought to own one.

Helmets are pricey investments, and losing one is a total waste of money. Since most helmets do not fit well in a bag, many riders are forced to bring them inside the school, mall, restaurant or office.

As carrying the helmet around can be awkward and inconvenient, many people now choose to lock their helmets to their bike or motorcycle before setting off.

A helmet lock can effectively secure your head gear, jacket and other items. It comes in different styles to suit your preference. It is often easy to install and use.

Using a helmet lock gives you peace of mind. You no longer need to check your vehicle every time just to make sure no one has touched your belongings.

Getting the correct of type of helmet lock is an essential part of responsible riding. Thieves can be everywhere and the last thing you want is to become their victim.

How to Choose a Helmet Lock

Choose a helmet lock, which is easy to install and use. Most importantly, the lock should be durable and cannot be easily broken. It should effectively guard your helmet and other items from thieves.

Some locks require complicated forms of installation, such as welding and soldering. Before buying, check the requirements for setting up the lock and determine whether or not they are within your skill range.

Get helmet lock, which you can easily install by simple screwing and tightening. Though easily mounted, it should not be easily disengaged by force.

Preferably, buy a helmet lock specifically designed for your type of vehicle. These locks ensure proper fit and match the structure of your bike or motorcycle.

Some bikes already have a lock in place, but it is often located in inconvenient places, to which you won’t have easy access during travel.

In such cases, you may install a helmet lock and position it appropriately for your convenience. If you own a motorcycle, which does feature a lock, installing one enhances safety and security of your properties.

How to Install a Helmet Lock on Your Motorbike

A helmet lock set typically includes 2 tamper-proof screws, 2 keys, universal fittings for 7/8th – 1 and ¼-inch frame building. Gather all the required tools to begin installation.

Find a secure, proper location to install the lock. Choose a spot where it will not impede the operation of your vehicle or any moving parts and gauges.

After finding an appropriate spot for mounting the helmet lock, clean that area to remove dust, dirt, and grime. Let it dry completely.

After cleaning, attach the lock and secure the tamper-proof screws into their proper places using a flathead screwdriver. Do not tighten the screws all the way. Leave them relatively loose as you position it based on your preference.

Tighten the screws down. Make sure the helmet lock does not move. Pull the lock lightly to check whether it’s secure and firmly installed or you need to redo the installation.

Test the lock by locking and unlocking it with and without the helmet. If you aren’t satisfied with how the lock is positioned, you may easily uninstall it and relocate.