Best Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmet

The best carbon fiber motorcycle helmet makes it possible to wear a sturdy yet lightweight helmet. It tends to offer better comfort without giving up on optimum head protection.

A carbon fiber motorcycle helmet may come in the form of a full-face, open-face or ½ helmet. For full-face and open-face helmets, there should be sufficient cushioning for the head, including the chin, for comfort.

Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmet Reviews

AGV AX-8 Evo Naked Road Helmet

The AGV AX-8 Evo Naked Road Helmet is suitable for people who want a heavy-duty helmet that can withstand heavy use. It is made of SSL carbon, Kevlar, and fiberglass shell, and has a scratch-resistant, anti-fog polycarbonate shield.

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Voss 888CF Genuine Carbon Fiber DOT Half Helmet

The Voss 88CF Half Helmet is ideal for those who don’t need a heavier full-face helmets. It weighs only 2 lbs and is made of handwoven carbon fiber composite shell. It also has a removable pull-down visor to protect you from the sun.

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Genuine Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Street Bike Full Face Helmet

This Carbon Fiber helmet by 1Storm is a lightweight and minimalistic full-face helmet with a sleek, glossy UV protective finish. It has a heavily cushioned interior for protection and comfort.

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Nexx XR1R Full Face Helmet

The Nexx XR1R is ideal for people who want a full-faced helmet that isn’t too heavy. It weighs only 2.6 lbs and features an Ergo padding system lined with CoolMax fabric that keeps your helmet cool and dry.

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Bell Matte Carbon Adult Bullitt Carbon Street Racing Motorcycle Helmet

The Bell Matte Carbon Helmet is a sleek carbon fiber helmet that is designed to minimize helmet lift and resist buffeting. It is fitted with Contour Cut cheek pads to ensure that it will fit comfortably on anyone.

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Simpson M30 Bandit DOT Satin Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmet

The Simpson M30 Bandit features a special CoolMax lining that is designed to wick moisture away from you and lessen perspiration. It’s suitable for hot or humid climates.

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Joe Rocket Speedmaster Motorcycle Helmet

The Speedmaster by Joe Rocket is a full-face carbon fiber helmet that is designed to improve ventilation. It directs the hot air inside the helmet to the rear exhaust and flushes out humidity and heat.

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WOW Motorcycle Street Bike Full Face Helmet Carbon Fiber

The WOW Motorcycle Carbon Fiber Helmet comes in clear, smoked, or tinted versions so you can choose a helmet with the kind of eye field that is best for you. All versions have a glossy UV finish and removable padding.

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ILM 8 Colors Motorcycle Modular Flip up Dual Visor Helmet

The ILM 8 Colors helmet is an easy to use carbon fiber helmet that is designed to reduce wind noise when moving. Its visor is anti-fog and anti-scratch, and can easily be flipped up when not needed.

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TCMT Adult Carbon Fiber Black Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

TCMT Carbon Fiber Helmet is suitable for any season and can be used for off-road riding. It has a flip-up visor that has a protective UV finish and it comes with a helmet bag to store it in.

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Types of Carbon Fiber Helmet

Helmets are a guaranteed life-saver in countless situations. Carbon fiber helmets provide better and stronger protection than those made of ordinary polycarbonate. Different riders may prefer different kinds of helmets, and here are most of them.

Light-Weight: Most carbon fiber helmets are lightweight. There are also ones that are observed to be a lot lighter than others. Sometimes wearers forget they’re actually wearing them.

Well-ventilated: Some helmets have more unique ventilation systems than others. Ideal carbon fiber helmets have moisture-wicking fabrics in the interior that lets the wearer be more comfortable.

Adjustability: Other helmets aren’t as adjustable as they claim to be. A good carbon fiber helmet has parts like chinstraps, buckle and the head padding adjustable to the wearer’s head.

Sturdy: There are helmets made with 100% carbon fiber and are deemed to be tougher than others. But the fit may not be suitable for some wearers due to the carbon fiber shell.

Most types of carbon fiber helmets are expensive. There are chances that fake kinds of helmets may reach the market. These should be avoided to prevent disappointments or worse.

How to Select a Carbon Fiber Helmet

Selecting the right type of carbon fiber helmet may vary from one wearer to the next. The budget and the preferences on the helmet features also play a good role in making a choice.

Helmet designs vary and so do their level of protection. Full face helmets are the safest helmets to have but they should also be well-ventilated for the wearer’s comfort.

Several manufacturers also include freebies into the helmet package along with warranty. Water resistant sack bags or attachable paddings are proven to be useful in cold or rainy days.

Shoppers are highly advised to purchase only DOT approved helmets. These helmets have passed the most recent quality test and go by the specified safety standards.

The size should be well determined. There are helmets that are suited for any head-shape as long as the shopper knows what to get. It is also recommended that purchasing a helmet is done in physical stores.

If purchase is made online, a good choice is to get an item with 30-day return guarantee. This may be useful in case the helmet does not deliver satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Inquiries are commonly made before purchasing anything. Here are probably the most commonly asked questions regarding carbon fiber helmets. Reliable answers were given by shoppers who already purchased the item.

Are these carbon fiber helmets and their straps made in the US?

Most carbon fiber components are imported from China before being assembled in the US.

How many crash or accidents can a carbon fiber helmet endure?

Reusing the helmet depends on the severity of the damage. It is highly advisable though that the wearer should replace his helmet after every accident.

When it comes to carbon fiber helmets, would ordering the exact size be a good decision?

It is advisable to opt for one size larger. Carbon fiber helmets are slightly smaller than polycarbonates, especially 100% carbon fiber helmets.

Is a tinted visor suitable for night riding?

Some visors only appear black when seen from the front but can actually be used at night. Most tinted visors are meant to protect the eyes from UV rays.

How do you know a helmet wont fog up easily?

This solely depends on the ventilation provided by the helmet. Full-face helmets with poor ventilation are prone to fogging up the visor.

Reasons to Have Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmet

Helmet manufacturers have dissolved the hated mushroom-top. Rather than giving users a mushroom head, they have devised a way for these helmets to create a snug fit instead. This is crucial to any wearer’s safety.

Carbon fiber is meant to be lightweight. It is one characteristic that makes it ideal to be used in a helmet. It does not cause fatigue to the wearer.

This material is durable enough to be added to planes and cars. It is expected that carbon fiber helmets are strong enough to withstand any impact in a non-severe accident.

It lasts longer than other materials used for helmets. Carbon fiber is resilient in nature; this is highly impossible to break apart in the long run.

Manufacturers provide a lot of options. Carbon fiber has an attractive design that lets it be suitable for manufacturing in many ways. This gives helmet manufacturers plenty of idea for designs that can be sold to the public.

Carbon fiber helmets produced also have longer warranty life. Most of the time carbon fiber helmets come with guaranteed money-back refunds or exchanges if the shopper is not satisfied.