Best Adventure Motorcycle Helmet

If you are looking for thrill that extreme sports offer but within your budget and doable in your area, motorcycle-riding is one great alternative. You can dare to do so, but make sure you wear the best adventure motorcycle helmet.

A scratch-proof visor is a must-have feature of an adventure motorcycle helmet. Adventure-riding tends to lead into various slips that may damage your helmet. It is also ideal if it has a removable shield that can be replaced with goggles.

Adventure Motorcycle Helmet Reviews 

ScorpionEXO Unisex-Adult Modular/Flip Up

The EXO-AT950 by Scorpion is a versatile full face adventure helmet that can be used for various purposes. Take the peak visor off and use it as a touring helmet or remove the face shield for off-road use.

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Bell MX-9 Adventure

The Bell MX-9 is a lightweight helmet made of tough polycarbonate shell. It has an integrated face shield and moisture wicking interior to lessen perspiration. It’s ideal for people who want a simple, light helmet.

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IV2 Helmets “DEMON SAMURAI” Dual Visor Modular Flip up

The Demon Samurai Dual Visor Helmet is a striking full-face helmet with a fiber-reinforced shell and EPS impact foam for safety and comfort. It has a convenient button to quickly flip up the shield to use as an open-faced helmet. 

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Motorcycle Street Bike Matt Solid Black Full Face

The Motorcycle Street helmet by Power Gear Motorsports is a sleek, stylish full-face helmet made of lightweight thermoplastic alloy. It has a protective and aesthetically pleasing UV finish and comfortable padding that is removable and easy to clean.

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Gmax GM11D Dual Sport Full Face

The Dual Sport Helmet by Gmax is designed to facilitate maximum airflow and reduce helmet-lift when driving at high speeds. The clear shield can be raised and completely hidden under the visor and the eye port can accommodate large goggles.

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LS2 Helmets Pioneer Solid

The Pioneer helmet by LS3 Helmets is suitable for people who want to use goggles with their helmet. The wide eye port can fit most goggles. It has a built-in sun shield for further protection.

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AGV K3 Gothic Full Face

The AGV K3 Gothic is suitable for those who want an adventure helmet with a bold design. It’s made of light thermoplastic shell. It has ventilation at the front, chin, side, and top, and its clear shield has anti-fog properties.

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Voss 600 Dually Dual Sport

The Voss 600 Dually Dual Sport Helmet is a light, but strong adventure helmet that weights under 4 pounds. Its interior lining is padded for comfort, moisture-wicking, and easily removable for cleaning

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IV2 Matte Black High Performance Dual Sport Motocross ATV, Dirt Bike Helmet

The IV2 Matte Black High Performance Dual Sport helmet is a simple, sturdy, and thick helmet with an easy to clean removable plastic visor. It can be used with or without goggles and provides enough ventilation to prevent fogging.

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Yema Helmet YM-925

The Yema Helmet YM-925 is a light helmet with an ABS shell. It features dual visors and a sunshield that can drop down or stay out of the way.

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Reasons to Take an Adventure Motorcycle Helmet

Motorcycles are one of the most versatile vehicles out there. However, you can’t just go off-track without wearing any appropriate protective gear on. An adventure motorcycle helmet, also called dual-sport motorcycle helmet, can make safe road and off-track trips feasible.

Dual-Purpose: Its dual purpose is the top reason to avail an adventure motorcycle helmet. You don’t have to buy and carry two different headgears for street and off-track use.

Higher Safety Ratings: To ensure its dual applicability, an adventure motorcycle helmet must adhere to higher safety regulations before they can be certified. It tends to provide better safety compared to standard full-face and modular helmets.

Better Ventilation: One of the notable features of an adventure motorcycle helmet is its protruding chin bar. This provides a roomier headgear, especially on the chin part. The extra space allows more air to enter.

Mud Guard: Many models of adventure motorcycle helmets have built-in mud guards. This feature is useful for rainy and wintry seasons. It also increases your helmet’s resistance against bugs and other road debris.

More Areas, Longer Trips: It is comfortable to wear even for longer trips. You can cover more areas with this on. You can even attach a hose for your water bottle so you can sip along the way.

How to Select an Adventure Motorcycle Helmet

Selecting an adventure motorcycle helmet is a little more complicated than shopping for a street headgear. There are certain features that are only available on the former and not often discussed as much as those of standard helmets.

Fit: Helmets come in different sizes. Make sure you take an adventure motorcycle helmet that fits your head well. Consider the thickness of the liners and cheek pads as well.

Weight: Adventure motorcycle helmets are usually less heavy compared to full-face and modular helmets. Opting for a heavy one can strain your neck and the only way to avoid such is to know the helmet’s weight before buying.

Anti-fog System: Off-track riding exposes you more to the elements. This can cause fog formation in the helmet’s visor. Look for an adventure motorcycle helmet that has a fog resistance feature.

Dual Visor: The top one serves as an initial shield against the sun’s brightness and heat while the other is for the wind. Find something that has a removable peak visor and tinted wind visor.

Scratch Resistance: When you ride off-track, there is a great chance that stones and bugs may hit your helmet. As such, it is important to have a headgear that is scratch-resistant.

How to Maintain an Adventure Motorcycle Helmet

Proper maintenance is important to make sure that an adventure motorcycle helmet provides optimal head protection upon impact. This is also vital in ensuring a headgear that smells nice.

Wiping the dirt off after use is a must-do especially if you wear your helmet for off-track riding. This is to minimize grime accumulation. Accumulated dirt tends to be harder to remove and scrubbing them harshly may cause further damages.

Make sure the joints for the removable peak visor and flip-up visor is well-lubricated. Doing so saves you from visors that are stuck. Forcing to move the stuck visor may cause it to break.

For the removable liners, you can opt to use the washing machine for cleaning them. When using a washing machine, you should only choose delicate cycle. Air-dry the liners afterwards.

It is not advisable to use heat or harsh chemicals when cleaning your adventure motorcycle helmet. Never put the liners on the dryer and hang them under the sun. You can use fans to speed up the drying process though.

If you want your helmet’s shell to look like brand-new, you can apply car polish after washing it. Aside from leaving your helmet with a glossy finish, it also adds another layer of protection against the elements.

Tips in Using Adventure Motorcycle Helmets

Before you go outside and ride your motorcycle, check the weather bulletin first. In warm days, you can remove the visor and opt for goggles instead. In cold days, make sure the parts, especially the visors, are secured.

For long trips, pack some water bottle in your backpack. Get a tumbler that features a small hose that you can connect from your bottle to your mouth. Attach it onto your helmet for easy access while riding.

You don’t want your protective headgear to go missing, do you? You can opt to put it on a locker but if you find this time-consuming, you can attach your helmet onto your motorcycle using a helmet lock.

When you hold your adventure motorcycle helmet, hold it on the chin strap. Never hold it on the visor or chin bar. It’s much better to put it in a bag.

Always bring a helmet bag for easy storage. Aside from that, you can keep helmet parts, screws and other tools for the removable visors inside the bag as well.

When you shop for a helmet, disregard secondhand options even if they seem fine. These don’t have warranty. You don’t also know if they have been worn by road crash victims.