Best Motorcycle Pants

Motorcycles offer a cheaper alternative to four-wheelers. However, motorcycle-riding exposes you to more road rash. Different gears such as the best motorcycle pants can protect your hips and thighs from rash, at the same time, ensure a comfortable ride.

Motorcycle pants should have high resistance against wind, water, fire and abrasion. Motorcycle-riding tends to expose you to those four. It should also be breathable to ensure optimum comfort.

Motorcycle Pants Reviews

Frogg Toggs Bull Frogg Rain Pants 

Bull Frogg Rain Pants are lightweight and durable. These waterproof pants will let you stay dry under the rain. They are big enough to let you wear extra pants beneath them. read more

Best Motorcycle Boots

Your feet are as important as your hands when you are riding a motorcycle. With the best motorcycle boots, you can avail protection and comfort for your feet. You control your motorcycle better, too.

An ideal pair of motorcycle boots should cover up to the middle of your calves. This provides better protection without sacrificing comfort. Leather-made boots are also recommended because of the material’s resistance against abrasion and water.

Motorcycle Boots Reviews

O’Neal Rider Boots

O’Neal’s Rider Boots are a sturdy pair. They may be stiff at first, but they’ll be more comfortable to use over time. These boots also have a metal guard that’ll protect your toes. The overall design of these boots will give you the protection you need. read more

Best Motorcycle Oil

The best motorcycle oil can improve your motorcycle’s performance. It also helps protect components against rust and other possible damage from constant friction and exposure to the elements.

Multi-grade motorcycle oils are the most ideal option out there. These kinds tend to complement lubrication needs whether the temperature’s too high or too low.

Motorcycle Oil Review

Mobil 1 98LD49 20W-50 V-Twin

Mobil 1 98LD49 20W-50 V-Twin is synthetic oil for motorcycles. This motorcycle oil makes engines cleaner and 15-20 degrees cooler. It does not get easily affected by cold and hot weather temperatures. read more

Best Motorcycle GPS

Have you ever felt restricted with the number of places you can travel to using your motorcycle? The only way to overcome this feeling is to venture into new locations. You can confidently do so with the best motorcycle GPS.

A motorcycle GPS should be highly resistant to water, heat, and engine vibration. It should also offer mapping upgrades regularly. A voice guidance feature should be well-integrated as well. This is for added safety and convenience.

Motorcycle GPS Reviews

BMW Navigator V without Four Button Cradle


BMW’s Motorrad Navigator V without Four Button Cradle features a 5-inch touch screen display. It is pre-loaded with North American maps that can be updated freely and regularly. This GPS System is easy to use with its simple user interface. read more

Best Motorcycle Gloves

Riding a motorcycle with an abrasion on your hand, regardless of how small it is, can be excruciatingly painful. That is why you need some hand protection in the form of the best motorcycle gloves.

The ideal motorcycle gloves should suit your hand size well. It should have a wrist closure to ensure that it won’t slip off as you ride. If you travel around colder regions, your gloves should have decent thermal insulation.

Motorcycle Gloves Reviews

TitanOps Full Finger and Half Finger Hard Knuckle

These motorcycle gloves by TitanOPS gear are durable and comfortable. They shield the knuckles and prevent minor injuries. These gloves can also be used in other outdoor activities. read more