Best Helmet Lock

A helmet is a form of investment to ensure your safety. The best models out there tend to be costly. As such, it is only fitting to get best helmet lock to avoid theft.

A helmet lock should be locked and unlocked without a key. This is possible with programmable digit lock. With such feature, you don’t have to worry about keeping and finding keys.

Motorcycle Helmet Lock Reviews

Racing 1 Motorcycle Helmet Lock

Riders with heavy-duty helmets can trust Racing 1’s helmet lock to keep their head gear secured. The lock features strong and flexible steel cables, a 3-digit resettable passcode, and an easy strap-around-then-lock-in-place mechanism. read more

Best Motocross Helmet

Motocross, as well as off-road leisure motorcycle-riding, is an exhilarating yet dangerous sport.  It is definitely not for the faint-hearted. If you are into this activity, wearing the best motocross helmet is necessary.

An ideal motocross helmet should weigh within 1400-1800 grams. It should also be made from fiberglass or other similar tough materials. Additionally, it should have detachable liners that you can wash after use.

Motocross Helmet Reviews

Shoei Solid VFX-W

The light and comfortable VFX-W has a durable shell, double EPS liners, good airflow ventilation system and Emergency Quick Release System to keep you safe. It passed DOT and SNELL safety standards. VFX-W is for the serious motocross rider. read more

Best Scooter Helmet

A scooter provides convenience for short-distance trips. Though primarily used for errands such as grocery-shopping and fetching kids, it still pays to wear proper headgear for scooter-riding. The best scooter helmet can provide head protection for such.

Open-face or ¾ helmets are the most suitable for scooter-riders. A scooter helmet should be simple and lightweight, yet it should also be tough. It should also have chin strap to keep it in place.

Scooter Helmet Reviews

Biltwell Flat Black Bonanza

Biltwell’s helmet sports a black design with Lycra fabric inner lining and a snapping strap. It’s also compliant to DOT standards. This is a simple yet durable helmet that’s good for any casual rider. read more

Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

Motorcycle-riding is one good way to spend some alone time. However, there are just times when you have to communicate with someone else while riding, or listen to a device. The best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet enables you to do so safely.

A Bluetooth motorcycle helmet should be able to let you communicate with clarity even without wired mouthpiece and the like. It should also feature a MP3 music player option that automatically shuts down when there is an incoming call.

Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Reviews

Torc T14B Bluetooth

Apart from the Bluetooth-integrated shell, the T14B has a laser-contoured inner lining for your added comfort. The visor locks smoothly in a downward fashion. The built-in vents provide adequate airflow as well. read more

Best Motorcycle Helmet

After getting your first motorcycle, the first accessory you should look for is the best motorcycle helmet. This is not just for compliance; it is primarily for your own good. Your head needs good protection against impact.

An ideal motorcycle helmet covers your entire head and face. It should have tinted visor to help you manage the glaring brightness from the sun and city lights. It should also have pads and liners for comfort.

Motorcycle Helmet Reviews

HJC Solid Men’s CL-17

This full-face motorcycle from HJC features an advanced ventilation system that ensures there is good airflow and prevents heat and fog. Its shell is made from sturdy yet lightweight materials. It’s approved by both DOT and SNELL. read more

Best Motorcycle Glasses

If you are into cruising, an open-face or half-helmet will suffice. In addition to your helmet, you can wear one of the best motorcycle glasses to let you withstand the brightness from the sun and night lights alike.

Tinted motorcycle glasses are the most ideal ones. Its strap should be easily adjustable and fit snugly. It should also have well-padded linings for comfort and moisture-capture.

Motorcycle Glasses Reviews

Pacific Coast Airfoil Padded ‘Fit Over Glasses’ Riding Goggles

The Airfoil Padded ‘Fit Over Glasses’ Riding Goggles by Pacific Coast Sunglasses are made with entirely UV polycarbonate lens. They can be worn over prescription lenses. They can be used by drivers of SUVs, ATVs, motorcycles, scooters, snowmobiles, and marine craft. read more

Best Modular Helmet

Removing your helmet is a hassle if you are in a hurry.  With the best modular helmet, you can now easily eat, drink or chat even without removing your entire helmet. You can simply flip up the outer visor.

A modular helmet should have a well-padded chin bar. This should also be made from metal to provide protection akin to full-face helmets. It is also convenient if the visor stays in place when flipped up.

Motorcycle Modular Helmet Reviews

BILT Demon Modular Motorcycle Helmet

The Demon Modular Motorcycle Helmet by BILT is made of an injection-molded, high-tech polycarbonate shell. Its full-face design has a pull-up chin bar. The chin bar can be released by just pressing on a button. read more

Best Kids’ Motorcycle Helmets

Kids love to imitate. When your child sees you ride your motorcycle, he or she wants to try it as well. You can avail a mini-motorcycle and combine it with one of the best kids’ motorcycle helmets to ensure safety.

Comfort is the utmost consideration when shopping motorcycle helmets for kids. That is why you should look for a kiddie helmet with padded linings yet lightweight. Its chin strap should be easily adjustable as well.

Kids’ Motorcycle Helmets

IV2 “BIOHAZARD” Youth/Kid Size High-Performance Helmet

The “BIOHAZARD” Youth/Kid Size High-Performance Helmet by IV2 has a thermoplastic composite shell that is fiber-reinforced. Its lightweight liner and cheek pads are removable. Users can also remove the sun visor. read more

Best Open Face Helmet

The best open face helmet lets you ride in style without sacrificing your safety. It provides head protection for the typical rider—one who isn’t into off-track riding, racing and motocross. Unlike full helmets, this one offers better ventilation.

A sturdy outer shell is a must-have feature of an ideal open face helmet. It should also have a chin strap that keeps the helmet in place but easily unlocks when you want it to.

Motorcycle Open Face Helmet Reviews

Daytona Basic/Custom Cruiser Motorcycle Helmet

The Basic/Custom Cruiser Motorcycle Helmet by Daytona Helmets features a dull black color that can match the rider’s attire. The helmet can be used while the rider is cruising at lower speeds. The helmet is D.O.T.-approved. read more

Best Motorcycle Jacket

Wearing the best motorcycle jacket is necessary when riding a motorcycle, whether it’s for daily commute or weekend getaways. It is even more essential when racing. It is for your torso’s protection against abrasion and wind.

A motorcycle jacket should be made from abrasion-resistant materials such as leather. Jackets that are 1.2 to 1.4 millimeters thick are ideal. While most offers are black, it’s worth looking for something that is highly visible.

Motorcycle Jacket Reviews

For Men

VikingCycle Ironborn Motorcycle Textile Jacket

The Ironborn Motorcycle Textile Jacket by VikingCycle is waterproof. Its six-point SureFit feature allows custom adjustment. The full-sleeve liner is insulated and removable. It also has elbow and shoulder armor. read more