Best Motorcycle Lock

With motorcycle thieves outsmarting built-in locks, it pays to invest in additional security for your ride. One of the easiest yet effective ways to do so is getting the best motorcycle lock.

A motorcycle lock should be made from steel. A double deadlock mechanism is a must-have feature as well. This prevents the lock from being easily opened through twisting. It should also be thick and sturdy to resist leverage and cutting.

Motorcycle Lock Reviews

The Club UTL800 Utility Lock

The Club UTL800 Utility Lock by Winner International has a simple, but effective design that can be used on your motorcycle, bicycle, ATVs, and even furniture and golf carts. Its vinyl-coated tempered steel can withstand 1,500 pounds of pressure. read more

Best Motorcycle Helmet Under 200

Quality comes at a price most of the time, but not always. Take the best motorcycle helmet under 200 as an example. You can ensure your safety without straining your budget.

Usually, an inexpensive motorcycle helmet has fewer features, but that’s fine as long as key elements are there. These include adjustable chin straps, cushioned linings and durable shell.

Motorcycle Helmet Under 200 Reviews

Vega X888 Full Face Helmet

The Vega X888 is a comfortable full-face helmet with wick-dri anti-microbial lining and several adjustable vents to minimize humidity and perspiration. It has a removable shield that is replaceable so you can customize the helmet to suit your needs. read more

Best Motorcycle Backpack

Many motorcycles have built-in storage spaces. If yours don’t have one or if you don’t have enough space, you can get the best motorcycle backpack for additional storage. A bag is also ideal if you are packing food and drinks.

The back portion and sleeves of the bag should be well-padded to ensure your comfort as you wear it. The outer layer of the backpack should be dirt-, wind- and water-proof.

Motorcycle Backpack Reviews

Dowco 04743 Fastrax Xtreme Moto Universal Backpack

The Dowco 04743 Fastrax Xtreme Moto Universal Backpack is water-resistant and has reinforced sidewalls. It has a reflective screen print for visibility, making it suitable for people who ride at nighttime. read more

Best Motorcycle Horn

With the best motorcycle horn, you can give signal to everyone in the area. In a way, motorcycle horns help protect you against collision with other drivers and hitting pedestrians.

A good motorcycle horn should be loud enough to be heard within a 50-meter radius or greater. Nonetheless, it shouldn’t be as loud as the horns for larger vehicles. A motorcycle horn should also be vibration-proof.

Motorcycle Horn Reviews

FIAMM 72112 Freeway Blaster Horn

The Fiam 72112 Freeway Blaster Horn is a sturdy horn with a loud, low tone that will easily be heard in noisy traffic or high speed conditions. It has corrosion-resistant steel housing. read more

Best Motorcycle Headphones

Nowadays, you can listen to music while cruising with your motorcycle. This is made possible by accessories such as motorcycle headphones. The best motorcycle headphones allow you to minimize the engine noise you can hear.

Motorcycle headphones should be compact so it can easily fit inside your helmet. It should also feature an in-line volume control so you don’t have to bring out your phone or iPod to adjust the volume.

Motorcycle Headphones Reviews

Outdoor Technology Chips Wireless Bluetooth Helmet Audio

The Outdoor Technology Bluetooth headset is compact and simple to use. It has a simple button control system and a microphone for answering calls. You can wirelessly play music from your phone or music player, or use the audio jack. read more

Best Motorcycle Helmet Camera

Motocross and other extreme sports that involve motorcycle-riding are worth recording. It is even more fun if you see it from the rider’s perspective. If you are the rider, you should invest on the best motorcycle helmet camera.

An ideal motorcycle helmet camera is something that you can easily but snugly mount at the top of your helmet. It should also have sharp lens capture. It should also have longer battery life and bigger memory.

Motorcycle Helmet Camera Reviews 

ODRVM Waterproof Camera

This motorcycle helmet camera from ODRVM is a waterproof camera that supports various video formats. It is Wi-Fi enabled and can be operated from your smartphone or tablet, allowing you to easily manage and share your videos or photos. read more

Best Adventure Motorcycle Helmet

If you are looking for thrill that extreme sports offer but within your budget and doable in your area, motorcycle-riding is one great alternative. You can dare to do so, but make sure you wear the best adventure motorcycle helmet.

A scratch-proof visor is a must-have feature of an adventure motorcycle helmet. Adventure-riding tends to lead into various slips that may damage your helmet. It is also ideal if it has a removable shield that can be replaced with goggles.

Adventure Motorcycle Helmet Reviews 

ScorpionEXO Unisex-Adult Modular/Flip Up

The EXO-AT950 by Scorpion is a versatile full face adventure helmet that can be used for various purposes. Take the peak visor off and use it as a touring helmet or remove the face shield for off-road use. read more

Best Motorcycle Helmet for Women

If you are a woman who has her own motorcycle, you might have encountered the difficulty of looking for some accessories. Thankfully, you can already find the best motorcycle helmet for women easily.

Motorcycle helmets for women are usually smaller than those for men. That’s because the heads of women are also smaller. An ideal motorcycle helmet for a woman should have adjustable cushions to suit the level of comfort the rider wants.

Motorcycle Helmet for Women Reviews

HJC Helmets CS-R3 Unisex-Adult Full Face Treague Motorcycle Helmet

The HJC Helmets CS-R3 is a durable full-face helmet. It’s made of lightweight polycarbonate composite and a hard, anti-scratch face shield that provides UV protection. Its advanced ventilation system channels air through the rear vents, reducing humidity and perspiration. read more

Best Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmet

The best carbon fiber motorcycle helmet makes it possible to wear a sturdy yet lightweight helmet. It tends to offer better comfort without giving up on optimum head protection.

A carbon fiber motorcycle helmet may come in the form of a full-face, open-face or ½ helmet. For full-face and open-face helmets, there should be sufficient cushioning for the head, including the chin, for comfort.

Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmet Reviews

AGV AX-8 Evo Naked Road Helmet

The AGV AX-8 Evo Naked Road Helmet is suitable for people who want a heavy-duty helmet that can withstand heavy use. It is made of SSL carbon, Kevlar, and fiberglass shell, and has a scratch-resistant, anti-fog polycarbonate shield. read more

Best Low Profile Motorcycle Helmet

Wearing full-face or modular helmets tends to be inconvenient if you are simply cruising with your motorcycle within the town. You can opt for the best low profile motorcycle helmet instead. This tends to be more convenient and lightweight.

A low-profile motorcycle helmet should be simple in design. Its half for a shell should be sturdy enough to handle low to medium impact. It should have removable and washable liners for comfort.

Low Profile Motorcycle Helmet Reviews

Daytona Helmets Slim Line Skull Cap

The Daytona Slim Line Skull Cap is ideal for people who want a simple half helmet that is also compliant with the D.O.T. safety standards. It is lined with moisture wicking fabric that keeps you cooler in hot or humid temperatures. read more